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The three major components of a kitchen's color scheme are cabinetry, floor color, and countertops. For those with a near-vacant kitchen, the color choices are wide open. Keep the color scheme simple. Add color highlights with accessories and small items. The concept allows a change in the theme over time without major replacement costs.

How to make the most of the countertops

Paint cabinetry to coordinate with flooring and countertop selections. Refer to paint chips, or a color chart for ideas. For the preferred color scheme, use two dominant colors and an accent color.

Choose countertops first. Choices include:

  • Quartz
  • Tile
  • Granite
  • Marble

Countertops are likely the most expensive investment. Bring along a sample of the countertop, when selecting the flooring. Coordinate floor and countertop finishes. Choices are glossy or matte, flat or textured.

Look for color variations in the countertop. Granite and marble especially have a prominent color with elements of other colors.

Countertop suggestions

A predominantly brown countertop with rust and beige elements goes well with rust or beige floor tiles. Ribbons of cream and gold in a blue blend marble countertop, pair nicely with cream or gold-tone flooring tile.

Match countertops with floor tiles of a similar color. Speckles of bronze in a black galaxy granite has a wow factor when used with muted orange based ceramic tile. White cabinetry with a black granite countertop finishes well with a white porcelain tile that has a pattern that prevents slipping.

White or off-white cabinets and a bold Corian countertop, are eye-catching when matched with flooring in off-white or white with a matching red edge border. Enhance a wooden or brown granite countertop with wood-grained porcelain. Use cream cabinetry to offset the brown and highlight with red accessories.

Do not use too many different colors. The tree-color plan is ideal. Keep the backsplash in mind when coordinating countertops to the flooring. Paint is an inexpensive decorating tool. Coordinate different kitchen areas with the use of color.

For more countertop coordinating ideas, visit any of our CC Carpet showrooms located in Bedford, Arlington, Mesquite, Richardson, and Dallas, Texas. See why customers choose us when selecting and coordinating countertops and flooring.

Countertop projects are surprisingly complicated. Seeking our expert countertop advice will save you frustration, money, and time.

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